Cremation Costs

For the loved one whose firm convictions encompassed dignity, respect and simplicity, simple cremation offers the closure that best reflects that tradition. With simple cremation, the cremains can be kept at home for safe keeping, present for a gathering, dispersed in a scattering ceremony or permanently memorialized in a cemetery. This choice is simple, with the final wishes of the loved one being carried out by our professional staff of cremation arrangers.

Our team of cremation professionals will closely work with your family in your time of need. We can meet with you at your home, in our office, or we will assist you in making cremation arrangements through our innovative website. Our family and the staff at Rochester Cremation is compassionately committed to the Rochester community.

Simple Cremation

One Affordable Price: $985

  • Transportation of the body from place of death (Monroe County)
  • Arrangements and preparation of the required documents and authorizations
  • Transportation of the body to the crematory
  • Alternative container for cremation
  • Return of cremains to Rochester Cremation in a temporary urn
  • Online obituary

Additional Expenses

In addition to the services that Rochester Cremation offers, there are additional expenses to consider. These services are cash advance charges, simply put, third-party expenses that may be paid by us as a courtesy of your family. Cash advance items will be billed at the same amount paid by Rochester Cremation.

Common examples of cash advance items include:

  • Crematory Fees -

    In New York State, funeral homes are not permitted to own or operate crematories, therefore we are required to use third-party crematory operators. There are three crematories in Monroe County--Rochester Crematory, White Haven Memorial Park Crematory and Mt. Hope Crematory. The crematory fees range from $265-$290 for the cremation. Other fees apply for use of their facilities for a final goodbye, etc.

  • Newspaper Notices -

    Most newspapers charge for printed obituaries. The costs are directly related to the amount of content in them. The average newspaper notice in the Democrat & Chronicle is approx. $200-$400 per day of insertion. Rochester Cremation provides an online obituary, including a photo at no charge.

  • Certified Copies of Death Certificates -

    Certified copies of death certificates are issued by the Monroe County Office of Vital Records. The cost is $30 per certified copy.