3 Natural Ways To Spread Your Loved Ones Ashes

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If your loved one has plans to be cremated, you have the option of choosing how you will spread their ashes when the Rochester, NY cremation services are complete. There are endless options to consider, but some people prefer something natural that will allow their loved one’s body to become part of nature and the earth. Here are a few natural options for spreading your loved one’s cremation ashes when the time comes.

Spread Them With Wildflower Seeds

What better way to remember your loved one than driving by a field of wildflowers and know they are a part of them. You can mix the ashes with wildflower seeds and plant them somewhere special. If you are going to be planting them on public land or a place you don’t own. You may need to get the permission of the property owner before you release the ashes or plant the flowers. You can also plan them in your own flower bed at home so you will feel close to your loved one every time you see new plants grow.

Plant A Tree

You can plant your loved one’s ashes in a tree and also watch it grow. There are few different ways you can do this. You may choose to simply spread the ashes around the base of a tree and then water the tree to soak the ashes into the ground, or you can plant a new tree and include the ashes in with the dirt as you plant it. There are also urns or pods that hold the ashes and release them as the urn decomposes so the ashes slowly become part of the tree over time and as it grows.

Mix With Garden Soil

If you have a garden or are planning to start one, you may decide to mix the ashes in with the soil. You can grow anything you want and know that your loved one is a part of it. You can choose to grow any plants or flowers you like in the garden and you will always know that your loved one is nearby. You may choose to spread the ashes loosely and mix them with the soil or you can add a pod that is biodegradable and will not harm the plants as it breaks down and releases your loved one’s ashes into the soil.

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If you are planning cremation services for a loved one and you want to be able to keep them close to you and help them become a part of nature, you have a few different options. The above suggestions are just a few to consider. If you need help planning your Rochester, NY cremation services, be sure to reach out to Rochester Cremation. We are here to help with all your cremation and funeral planning needs. Give us a call today to learn more about our services and all the ways we can help you make your plans the way you want them.