What Can Be Cremated With A Body?

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If you are thinking about having a loved one cremated and you want to be able to cremate other things with them as well, you do have that option. Many crematories allow you to put your loved one’s personal property in with them when they are cremated. Some things are a better option to include than others so it’s important to think about what types of items you will be including in the cremation. Here are a few things to think about when planning Rochester, NY cremation services.


You might not like the thought of your loved one being buried without clothes. That makes perfect sense and many people choose to have their loved ones dressed before they are cremated. If you are wondering if your loved one would have wanted to wear clothes, it could be something you ask them while they are living if they have a preference. Some people may even choose to include this information in their estate plans if they are able to make their own arrangements before they pass away. You can even have them choose the outfit they want.


If your loved one wore any jewelry often or if they had special pieces that you know they would want to keep on them even in death, you can have it kept on them if you prefer. If you have something special for your loved one to wear when they are cremated, this can be a good option as well. While you may not want to add too much to the body of the deceased, you can put the jewelry that you know they would want on them. Keep in mind the jewelry will be melted down in the cremation and become part of the ashes mixed in the remains of your loved one.


Another thing you might want to add to the cremation is photos. This is a good way to add something special that means something to you or that meant something to the deceased. If you have family members that are hoping to be able to take part in the cremation services, you can allow them to help by bringing in photos and adding them to the cremation casket. Be sure to make copies and not use your original photos. You should speak with the crematory owner to make sure they are fine with you adding photos to the cremation.Rochester, NY cremation service

If you are planning Rochester, NY cremation services and you want to be able to add things into the casket with your deceased loved one before they are cremated, you can do so. It’s a good idea to know what types of things you can add to the casket for the cremation before make your plans. If you are ready to start planning a cremation service for a loved one, be sure to reach out to Rochester Cremation. We are happy to help with all your cremation planning needs. Give us a call or stop by to get started.