What To Request In Lieu Of Flowers For Greece, NY Cremation Services

Greece NY cremation services

If you are planning Greece, NY cremation services and you are worried that you will get too many flowers that you do not want or need, there are a few things you can ask for instead. If you do not want someone to send flowers or gifts, you shouldn’t be afraid to let it be known. Cremations are smaller and there may not be enough room at the crematory to keep a lot of flowers or other gifts. There’s no reason to have people waste their money when they could use it for other things that might be more helpful for you. If you want something other than a flower gift, you can also mean it. Here are a few things you can ask for instead of flowers when planning a funeral or cremation service for someone you love.

Start A Scholarship

If you want to do something for the memory of the deceased and also want to help others in the process, then instead of flowers you can collect money that you can add to the balance for scholars. You can choose the winner based on his interest or career advancement they are considering. If your loved one has a hobby or loved their own career, you can choose something that suits their interests. You can set up a scholarship every year, and instead of spending money on flowers, you can ask family and friends to donate money to the scholarship.

Funeral Expenses

Funerals can be expensive but cremations tend to be the more affordable options. Still, there are families who cannot afford these costs. Even if they are able to pay, it can still be a financial burden that they aren’t prepared to face. If you don’t want someone to buy flowers but would prefer that they help with cremation services, you can ask for funeral money in exchange for flowers. Many people contribute directly to the service or others can donate money to the family.

Charity Donations

If the deceased is active in a particular organization or supports a charity, you can contribute to thatGreece NY cremation service organization or charity in their honor. You can provide information about your mortality donation request or you can suggest that they donate money to you and then you can make a large donation in memory of the deceased. It can be a wonderful last event in her honor and you will know that it is something that is important to your loved one and will make her happy while she is still alive.

When it comes to plan ahead in Greece, NY cremation services, so many things need to be considered. While many people send flowers as a way to show sympathy, if you don’t want many flowers or would rather spend money on something else, you shouldn’t be afraid to share that information with everyone. The above are just a few things to consider as an alternative to flowers. If you need help creating a cremation service plan, be sure to contact us. We will be happy to help you with all your needs our simple process when planning a funeral and cremation. Call us today.