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Hilton:  June 7, 2014 at age 77.  Ethel is survived by her children, Michael (Leonna) Charles, Tracey (Dennis Hunt) Breitenborn & Kathy (Nick) Grossi; grandchildren, Nicholas (Whisper) Breitenborn, Michael (Amy) Breitenborn, Steven Breitenborn, Jenna Charles, Louis Grossi & Nicole Grossi; great-grandchildren, Evan & Ryker; son-in-law, Ralph Breitenborn.  She is predeceased by John (Shirley) Copeland & Dorothy (James) Lindsley.

Private services and interment.

If ever there was a more tender sole.  Mom showed it through her love and support.  She has given us so much to be thankful for.  Mom, you will be sadly missed by all that you have touched.  We love you always and forever.  Ethel’s family would like to express a sincere thank you to the staff of the Journey Home for their excellent care and support.

Donations may be sent to the Journey Home, 994 Long Pond Road, Rochester NY 14626,, in her memory.

Rochester Cremation, 4044 W. Henrietta Road, Rochester NY 14623, 359-2300,

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  1. Bonnie(Heusinger)Sullivan on June 15, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    We are sadden by your mom passing. We always had so much fun with “Dottie” especially when she baby sat for us as children. She was a good friend to our parents. I will always remember when she came to see my first child. She had a string tied to her finger to pull up the gas peddle that kept getting stuck! We also had to put rocks behind the tires so the car would not roll! She loved to laugh! Our mom passed at Journey Home four years ago so I am sure they have met up again! Take care. Bonnie,Pam,Gerry,Janine and Ellen

  2. Bonnie(Heusinger)Sullivan on June 15, 2014 at 1:02 pm

    Hi Again, I reread what I wrote and realized I wrote Dottie instead of “Dollie” so sorry I could not modify my messsage. But it gives me a chance to also say Dollie babysat for us and we babysat you guys! Take care

  3. diane smith on June 15, 2014 at 5:30 pm

    So sorry to hear of your loss – my deepest sympathy to all of the family – Diane Smith

  4. Leonna Charles on June 15, 2014 at 5:58 pm

    Nana, with heartfelt sorrow we say good bye. You were a loving mom-n-law and grandma to all your children and grandchildren. You took care of Jenna everyday before and after school and all summer long for many years. Mike and I will always be truly thankful for everything. Thank you for all that you have shared with us. We will miss you everyday until they day that we all should be together again.

    We love you NANA! Michael, Leonna and Jenna

  5. Pam Heusinger Happ on July 17, 2014 at 11:50 am

    I am so sorry for your loss. We loved Dolly. She watched us when we were little. I think she was still in high school when she started babysitting for my mom. She lived home with her parents around the corner. I think I probably spent the most time with her when I was little as I would wander over to her house and “hang out”. She would end up having me for supper and sometimes we would walk up on Carlisle street to visit a woman that was paralyzed in a wheelchair. I must have been quite a pest! She was the sweetest person and such a wonderful friend to our parents. Later, I babysat for her a few times. As my sister Bonnie said, I hope our mom and your mom have reunited. With love and sympathy, Pam Heusinger Happ

  6. Khokhar on November 24, 2014 at 1:23 am

    Dear Rachel,This is about YOU and your business! You soluhd never be obligated to work for my sake, dear! But, I’m so proud of you for making the decision to move forward in your business. Call me when you need help with anything!Love, me.Even having warm-chattered those two ladies on Friday, I didn’t feel as empowered as I thought I would, just more nervous. But, thanks to Chris, I DID IT. I spent the weekend sort of beating up on myself, even though I’m not supposed to, and mulling over the fact that getting through this 30-day class, I must change my thinking and keep moving forward. At times, the overwhelming realization that this is how my business needs to grow all the way through each leadership position, makes me even at times doubt my desire to actually move up and even not want to continue these 30 days.However, I woke up this morning with new motivation to accept that even if I didn’t feel growth after that first experiment with warm chatter on Friday (the only warm chatter I’ve admittedly done in the first 5 days of this program), I have 25 more days. Everyone has PROMISED me that I will not have as much fear if I continue to warm chatter, so warm chatter I shall!I realized that one of my issues was visualizing myself warm chattering if I’m going to do something that scares me, if I’m preparing to engage in something unfamiliar or potentially fear-inducing, I first have to visualize how I’ll do it, the script I’ll use, my posture and gestures (it’s the same for dancing, acting, making phone calls, even holding a skin care class). However, with all these activities, after envisioning myself actually doing them, I am no longer fearful, I just do what I’ve practiced and imagined. With warm chatter, I can’t seem to get a picture that works. There’s a fear-block that I haven’t figured out how to obliterate yet.I’ve also realized that I can take nos on the phone ALLL DAY LONG, really. But to have someone say no to my face is devastating and I can’t manage to take the emotion out of it.I’ve relegated to using Skin Care Surveys, because that way, they still give me their information and I’m still asking them to try Mary Kay, but they have the option of saying no, without my having to engage in much dialogue at all. Unfortunately, sometimes Skin Care Surveys aren’t as convenient as just walking up to a woman and handing her a sample, so I’m going to need a different plan I was at Mass on Sunday morning and the homily was about fear all the fears we live with each and every day, big fears, social fears, family fears, personal fears, health fears, etc. and how they’re only exacerbated by media and politics. We let these fears fester and we forget that faith is what pushes us through fear and manages it. For a company based on GOD FIRST, I have no qualms or hesitations saying that God will help me through this, God has giant success in store for ALL of us, and as Vic reminded me at Seminar, I’m EXACTLY where God wants me to be.

  7. Levi on November 26, 2014 at 7:37 pm

    that it was her being accountable to me that made her go and do the seoncd warm chatter. GREAT JOB JESS!A couple of things I want to share regarding this: Being held accountable is a strong force that can push you into action. Perhaps its a good idea to parner up with someone in your unit and hold each other accountable to taking action? Its at least something to think about. Also, once you decide you are going to warm chatter, try to do it asap so that the gremlin doesn’t have as much time to work. I have a 10 minute rule when I sell. Once I get to the office I make my first call within 10 minutes because I know that my gremlin will start to impact my thinking if I don’t take action right away. Sometimes the longer we wait the tougher it gets.One final thought for all of you to ponder: I know in the past I have felt like people see me as selfish because I am in sales. It’s all about me and its all about the money I can make on my prospects. That was my thinking anyway. What I have learned is this:People who Use people and love money eventually struggle because they become arrogant and self centered.Its the people that Love people and use money that achieve and can hold on to their success. When I stay focussed on the people and what my products can do for them I find it much easier to approach them. When my focus goes to what this sale can do for me monetarily, I tend to get more fearful. So once again remember to focus on the people and how what you have to offer can change their lives and remember who are we to decide who will be interested. I love all of the interaction that is taking place here at the blog. Lets continue to rally each other and share successes. My thought is we will have a fantastic month as long as we all continue to work together and share stories. The nice thing is that I am learning here too! Wehn I am warm chattering next, I am going to take Sasha’s suggestion about asking for a face model. I can’t wait to see if it works!21

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