Frederick “Howie” Genett


Rochester NY:  Howie Genett passed away on Wednesday December 7, 2016 under the loving care of St. John’s Home’s Daisy Neighborhood.  Howie (aka Poppy, Grandpar (he was from Brooklyn), or Dad) was an amazing man who left a strong, wonderful impression on everyone he met.

His wonderful stories never disappointed and there was always a moral which was:  Love first, question little and keep positive!

Anyone who was fortunate to have Howie in their life for any amount of time would be quick to tell you about his ability to love and welcome people into his life unconditionally. Howie’s genuine love and care extended not only for the people in his life, but also the people that were important to the one’s he loved.

Howie Genett was a simple and gentle soul with the quiet wisdom of Solomon. He was a true gentleman and incredibly kind. He always extended complete respect, courtesy, and attention to everyone he met whether that person was his own child or a prisoner of his during his long career with the Police Department in Nassau County, NY.

Howie was funny and fun to be with. He had an unparalleled sense of humor and was the king of practical jokes (a trait that seems to be strong in the Genett clan). Howie was the best story teller – a historian with “a humorous and interesting edge”. He had incredibly keen perception and observation skills. Nothing ever got past him – right up to the end at age 98. He was also one of the most resourceful people and a very clever problem solver. He took the time to “smell the roses”. He appreciated nature and loved sharing that appreciation with others. Many people will have fond childhood memories of catching their first fish with Howie’s help.

Howie is predeceased by Catherine Mary Genett (Hoey), his wife of over 50 years and Joan Hardman, his companion and significant other for 10 years. He leaves his beautiful little sister Catherine Sattler, his wonderful children; Cathy and Jon Anders, Diane and Brian Jones, Fred Genett and Steve Witzberger, and Karen Genett. Howie also leaves 13 grandchildren, 26 great-grandchildren, and 6 great-great grandchildren.

There is no immediate service for Howie Genett. A future memorial will be announced at a later date.

Donations: In lieu of donations, Howie’s memory would be honored if you would perform random acts of kindness and give some random people a great big heart-felt smile.

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