Helen Abbott


Webster NY:  November 13, 2015.  At age 91 she is survived by her husband of 67 years, Robert Mack Abbott. A love story for the ages. Predeceased by siblings Marion, Stanley, Joseph, Josephine, and Mathew. She is a retired Xerox employee. She and Bob in 1947, while living in a cabin on Irondequoit Bay, built their first home on Dewitt Road by hand. There they raised 2 daughters, Cindy Ambrose (Daniel), and Candice Fishchbach (Larry). She is also survived by 5 grandchildren, Jesse and Sarah (Cindy’s), and Karl, Erika and Derek (Candy’s), and 5 great grandchildren. Helen was kindest of souls, always with a word of warmth, a beautiful smile, a “goodie bag” for the kids, and one to sit with you in a field and find 4-leaf clovers, one after another after another. She was a constant source of joy to those who surrounded her.

Surely for her, the gates of Heaven were opened wide. She fought gallantly in a long battle with Alzheimer’s. If you wish to honor her, we ask that donations be made to the Alzheimer’s Association of Rochester.

A Mass will be held for her on Saturday, November 28th at 9:15 am at St. Rita’s Church (Webster) followed immediately by a celebration of her life at 11 am at Helen and Bob’s home at 735 DeWitt Rd. in Webster. If you cared about her as we did, please come join us to celebrate her loving and lasting impact on our lives.

Rochester Cremation, 4044 W. Henrietta Road, Rochester NY 14623, 359-2300, RochesterCremation.com

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