Janet Catherine “Hot Rod” Buckland

Janet Catherine “Hot Rod” Buckland - Rochester Cremation

Janet Catherine “Hot Rod” Buckland, 79, died on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 in Rochester NY after a battle with cancer and dementia- both of which suck. She follows her parents and a few siblings, and leaves behind a bemused daughter, long-suffering son-in-law, some clever and attractive grandchildren both by birth and by marriage, precocious and devilishly good-looking  great-grandchildren, beautiful and talented sisters, and a bit of a mess, as was often her way.

Janet loved to have fun. She enjoyed sewing, but not the finishing work. She enjoyed gardening, but not weeding. She enjoyed hosting, but not the clean-up, and she enjoyed all things outdoors, except the mosquitoes. As a hobby, she also collected little old ladies and carted them off to shows, lunches, teas, camp, or whatever adventure struck her fancy. She liked to band bluebirds for study, and almost never took offense if they pooped on her.

Janet began her career as a nurse, but wanting to also afford groceries, she moved to Kodak where she retired as a maintenance mechanic and a welder- giving her Father’s description of her as a ‘Two-Fisted Woman” full credibility.

Her family will host a Remembrance of Janet at 411 Flower City Park on April 11, 2023 from 3-8pm. 

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