Jesus Manuel Pratts – Baerga

Jesus Manuel Pratts - Rochester Cremation

Jesus Manuel Pratts – Baerga


7-2-1949 – 2-10-2022

Jesus passed away on February 10th, 2022, at the age of 72. He is survived by sons: Jesus Manuel Pratts , Alex Pratts, Michael Pratts, Tiger, Kato, and Francisco Garcia;  Daughter, Donna Garcia; grandchildren: Kiara Tantao, Juel Manuel Pratts, Jayden Manuel Pratts, Jabriel Manuel Pratts, Dioseliz Pratts, Delyla Pratts, Alex Manuel Pratts, Alexsandra Sonia Pratts, Alexander Manuel Pratts, Damien Pratts, Angel Pratts, Mathyus Pratts, Micheal jr Pratts, Tiger Pratts, Shalomar Tantao Felix Tantao, Anthony Garcia; and 29 great grandchildren.

Tato was a carpenter. Building houses from the ground up Tato Built! Ranging from NYC to Puerto Rico to Rochester, NY. Gardening was also one of his long life hobbies. Tato rode his bike all over Rochester up until he passed away. Tato was loved by many and will be missed dearly. A special thanks to the Rochester Police Department detectives Timothy Gourlay and Andrew Mackenzie.

Friends may visit at Rochester Cremation, 1118 Long Pond Road (south of Maiden Lane), Greece, NY 14626 on Tuesday, March 8th from 4p-6pm, service to follow at 6 pm. 

4 Condolences

  1. His goddaughter on March 11, 2022 at 1:04 pm

    I am going to miss you tato . I love you so much. And I’m so sad you had to go at such a young age. There will be justice for you I love you so much . Fly high 🕊 Rest In Peace. One thing you taught me I’ll never forget : “Never say goodbye , because you only say that when they pass away and you never see them again” it hurts me so much to say this to you but … goodbye 😔 Until we meet again I love you tato ❤️❤️🥺


    You’re grandchildren Jewell Manuel pratts Jayden Manuel pratts Dioseliz skymarie pratts Jabriel Manuel pratts and last but not less Delilah moana skymarie pratts Would never get to meet you because you were murdered and your life was taken so abruptly Your grandson cried and said I wish I could beat up the guy that took my grandpa’s life Mind you hes only 4 years old We were in Disbelieve when he told us that 💔 ❤️🧿🧿we ❤️ love you JESUS MANUEL PRATTS SENIOR ANA TATO YOUR NAME LIVES ON BECAUSE OF JESUS MANUEL PRATTS JR JEWELL MANUEL PRATTS ,JAYDEN MANUEL PRATTS, DIOSELIZ SKYMARIE PRATTS, JABRIEL MANUEL PRATTS,DELILAH MOANA SKYMARIE PRATTS ..MISS YOU DAD UNTILL WE MEET AGAIN ❤️❤️❤️❤️🍃🍃🍃🍃

  3. Jessica Marie pratts Jesus Manuel pratts jr your daughter in law on May 19, 2022 at 5:41 pm

    You will be missed but never forgotten Jesus Manuel pratts Tato Your name lives on with your grandchildren Jewell Manuel pratts, Jayden Manuel pratts, Dioseliz skymarie pratts Jabriel Manuel pratts Delilah moana skymarie pratts your bloodline lives on I look into your grandson eyes 👀 👁 and I see tato It is so amazing how your son took after you so handy fixing everything putting everything together making things work 3 generations down-the-line ❤️ you are our Guardian angel I know you watching over your grandchildren my son you’re grandson 💙 son Say you were speaking to him and I believe him 💙 ❤️ 😊 🧿🧿🧿 Continue to guide over us.. our guardian angel ❤️ 😍 💖

  4. Jewell Manuel pratts on May 19, 2022 at 5:52 pm

    I only met you when I was a 👶 I don’t remember But What I do remember is you coming to me every night 🧿🧿🧿 Until we meet a again grandpa I’m sorry I don’t have a blanket nor a shirit or your hat nothing but I do have pictures and I will make a blanket of the pictures I have of you grandpa I love ❤️ you

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