Judith Epding

Rochester Cremation - Simple Cremation

Rochester NY:  January 24, 2016.  Judith is survived by her loving husband, Norbert Epding and other loving family and friends.

Services Private.

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  1. Mis on February 17, 2016 at 5:50 pm

    that, I also think you aren’t that young now.. may be the need is to be more assertive with those you treat you like a kid..wear the no-nonsense look on your face.. it might just work! And hey, conimg back to Jane Eyre.. Anya it is the most beautiful book in the world..:) isn’t it? I read it in 8th standard.. fell in lv..and then quite literally fell in love with someone who looked like Mr. Rochester to me. hehe.. i have had my adventures with life!Would love to sit some day and discuss it with you though it’s been ages I read it completely.. everynow and then I pick it up, dust it off and read a page or two..specially the conversations between Rochester and Jane. Sometimes it makes me pine..sometimes it makes me sigh and sometimes it makes me so confident..the book is magical..yet not at all in a conventional romantic sort of a way.Aaaah…. i love it everytime smone talks of/ quotes jane eyre.. i know there are many many more admirers of this book..and im sure that those who like it are one of a kind. 🙂 PS: this anonymous chap is taking away the charm to blog comments..bah

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