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Nancy Glasow- Rochester, NY - Rochester Cremation

Rochester, NY:  April 6, 2019.  Gone, gone all too soon, after a prolonged illness, is Nancy Joan Glasow. Daughter of Eunice & Raymond Glasow, and the beloved of Kristopher Palermo, her gentle candle went out on April 6th, 2019. Near the end she said, “I had a good run.” Oh yes. Hers was very much a well-lived life, a life dedicated to others. She was a longtime Seabreeze employee. A lifelong Rochester resident. Graduate of Ben Franklin High and SUNY Albany. Swimming, Labs & the musical theater were just some of her enthusiasms.

She is, and will continue to be, missed, by anyone who was ever lucky enough to know her. Bon voyage to a superlative person! (A celebration of Nancy’s life will be held at the convenience of the family.)

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  1. Susan Way & Ed way on April 13, 2019 at 12:19 am

    God bless our dear Nancy. I’m glad she can be with her mom and dad again, but of course, we will miss her greatly. Our love goes to all grieving at this time and wish that your wonderful memories will make it just a bit easier for you.

  2. Terry Hochler on April 13, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    Sweet, sweet Nancy was taken from us much too soon. Her kind and gentle nature was a balm in this crazy world. I fondly recall our days as suitemates in Albany and at get togethers since. Nancy was also a great supporter of my boys at their All Eastern concerts in Rochester. My heart goes out to Kris and all those who mourn at this terribly sad time.

  3. Don Legler on April 14, 2019 at 5:49 pm

    I was born in Rochester during February 1943, but I didn’t know Nancy until much later because I had already left Rochester during late Spring of 1954 to join my parents who had earlier moved to Tampa Florida, yet not before my staying behind briefly to finish my school year…staying with my Uncle Ray Glasow (Raymond was my own Mom’s brother) and Aunt Eunice….who 3 years later Nancy was born to. Years later, during 1986, I finally returned to Rochester for the first time in 32 years and Nancy’s parents were finally able to introduce use. Much of it was magic and knowing Nancy was such a joy. She visited me here in Tampa; I visited her once more in Rochester. Now 33 years later and I can still say today: Oh what I wonderful Cousin! I won’t ever forget the wonderful person Nancy has always been, nor the wonderful memories she left behind. She’s the best! Grieve I won’t, because I plan to celebrate the wonderful life that Nancy lived.

  4. Heidi Zastowny on April 18, 2019 at 11:31 am

    Dear Nancy graced our family for many years with her presence at Christmas. Then years later I was blessed with being part of her theatre group. It was so much fun to share it with her. The second row will not be the same without her. Rest well, dear friend.♥️

  5. Tina Benigni-Marra on April 19, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    I was so saddened by the news I heard today. I’ve been Nancy’s hairdresser for at least 25 years. When I was asked to go do her hair in the hospital I said absolutely! Give her my number and I will be there for her. I was wondering why I never heard until I found out today she passed. We shared so much laughter and so many stories. She will be so missed God definitely got an angel when he called her home. Taken away too young but I know she’s with her parents and animals she loved so much. Rest In Peace Nancy and when I meet you in heaven I will be your hairdresser again. I will miss you for sure. My condolences to you Chris. I know how much she loved you❤️❤️ Goodbye for now. Tina

  6. Ron Glasow on May 9, 2019 at 4:47 pm

    Nancy was my closest cousin. I loved her as a sister. We grew up together. I was 6 years older. Just before she was born, I remember my father taking my brother and I to a drive-in movie one night so her mom could have a baby shower at our house. When she was born, I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. Cuter than any other baby I ever saw. When she was 3 or 4 we pretended we were married, and we stayed that always. Our parents were very close, so we saw each other often, always doing things together. Playing Putt Putt (miniature golf), bowling, ice skating, picnics, playing croquet in the back yard, going to Abbotts for a custard, family get togethers, the beach, singing along with Mitch Miller records and watching on TV, Chiller Theater and Gilligan’s Island. Doing hula hoops, laughing, riding in the back of her dad’s station wagon with the back seat faced backward out the rear window, and above all going to SEA BREEZE! That was always the most fun. The Tea Cups, The Cars, Ghost Train, Merry Go Round, Bumper Cars, Pull a String, and the greatest of all, the Goofy House. I remember Powder Mill Park, July 4th 1964 where we had so much fun running up that grassy ski jump. We were a couple, better than a married couple!
    As got older and went our separate ways we always stayed in touch. Our times together were much farther apart, but we could never have been closer. We both followed our passions in our careers. For me it was hockey, for her it was the joy of Sea Breeze and people around it. We always agreed if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I can honestly say Nancy never worked a day in her life, and she got paid for it!!
    Whenever I would fly back home into Rochester, the first thing I would always do is go directly from the airport to meet Nancy at “Don and Bobs”, which eventually became Dons Original. She would take a long lunch from Sea Breeze. We would catch up on what each of us was up to. Always laughing.
    She came out to California with her best friend Edith, in the mid 80’s and stayed with my wife Deanie and I for a week. We went to see the Warriors play as she loved basketball. We had so much fun.
    When my brother became ill with cancer in 2004, she was the one who looked after him the most. When I came back, near the end of his life that year, I stayed with Nancy at her home near Sea Breeze for almost a month. She helped me so much in dealing with Toms struggle. We were there together when he passed.
    Fast forward to this year. Nancy called me to say she was ill and just wanted to say she loved me. She said she would be back to work soon. About two weeks later, the real love of her life, Kris, called me. I knew I had to come home. I had planned to go to Dons Original the moment I landed that Friday evening, to bring her a ground round with everything on it and french fries. Something changed my mind however and I went straight to the hospital. There she was, as beautiful as the day I first laid eyes on her, and eerily almost in the same condition. She couldn’t speak or see me, but just as that first day, she knew I was there. She had waited for me. I knew she would. She passed the next day.
    Nancy, I love you and we will see each other again.

  7. Bill Katerle on October 19, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    I just heard of my cousin Nancy’s passing a few days ago. I have many fond memories of Thanksgiving meals at Uncle Ray and Aunt Eunice’s place in Fernwood Park and at mynmom and dads house in Webster. After a big dinner, listening to my dad and Uncle Ray bringing out records and talking about Mitch Miller and Bing Crosby. Then Uncle Ray pulling out the calendars he got from Case Hoyt for the next year and looking at all the color pictures on them. I remember well going to the playground at Fernwood Park with my sisters and brother and Nancy and playing on everything there. And Uncle Ray dressing up as Santa Claus! My deepest condolences to you Kris.

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