Shirley Marie Christey

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Formerly of West Seneca, NY, Port Orange, FL & Long Beach, Ontario:  December 20, 2013 at age 82 after a courageous battle with cancer.  Shirley is survived by her daughter, Karen (Bob) Jacobs; son, Eddie (Mar) Christey; grandchildren, Christey (Richard), Jillian, Christy (Mark) & Lauren (Patrick); great-grandchildren, Allie & Carter; sister, Geraldine; many dear friends.

She is predeceased by her husband, Francis Christey.  In her spare time, Shirley enjoyed Watercoloring and was a member of the Port Orange Elk Hearts and West Seneca Women’s Club.

Per Shirley’s wishes, no services will be held.

Memorial donations may be made to Port Orange Elk Heart’s, PO Box 290879, Pt. Orange FL 32129 in her memory.

Rochester Cremation, 4044 W. Henrietta Road, Rochester NY 14623, 359-2300,

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  1. Adeline Egana on December 29, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    We’re going to miss Shirley very much!!! Could you tell us where we can send a sympathy card?

  2. Dave & Elaine Anderson & Family on January 2, 2014 at 10:32 pm

    To All the Family…
    Our most sincere condolences at the death of your Mom. She was such a lovely lady, always kind – welcoming to everyone – and with a sweet all knowing smile despite shenanigans ! Both She and your dear Dad, were one of the best part of our lives at Long Beach, as will always be missed. You are all in our prayers now, and thoughts.
    Dave, Elaine and Family

  3. Patti Misztal on January 5, 2014 at 8:22 pm

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time. Your mom always welcomed everyone and her laugh was infectious. I have very fond memories of her, dating back to when we were teenagers. She will be dearly missed in Long Beach by all who knew her.

    Patti Klein Misztal

  4. Deron Pilon on January 5, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    I have many fond memories of your mom at the beach (relaxing on the porch, walking on the beach, and of course the annual blender parties). My sincere condolences.

  5. Laela on November 24, 2014 at 8:00 pm

    Today is Day 8 for me. Frankly, I went to bed last night and woke this morning frrstuated since my Call/Activity and Story have been the same since Day 1. So, what a relief it was to hear Nancy say today is the perfect day to start over followed by Chris cautioning us not to beat ourselves up because after-all, we are battling life-long behavior. I have been paralyzed when it comes to calling my long-standing customers and friends. Having been a consultant for six years, albeit with many starts, stops and a fair share of coasting, my fear is that they are all thinking they have heard it all before. They have heard the I’m so excited about my latest goal and they have watched my Red Jacket go in and out of the closet. Oh no, here she comes again!So, this morning I did The Work. If my story is My friends have heard it all before. I am the Consultant (Boy) who cried Directorship (Wolf.) Then I have to ask myself, is that true? Well yes, I’m sure some do think that. (Of course, are they really friends then? LOL ) But, is it 100% true? No, it is not. They couldn’t possibly ALL think that way, could they? What are the odds?How do I behave when I believe my story? I don’t call. I feel ashamed of my lack of progress in my career. Or, if I do call, I act apologetic as if having a party is a favor or sacrifice on their part. Yesterday was a perfect example. I had lunch with an old friend and co-worker. I waited till we were leaving the restaurant to sheepishly mention I was having a MK event at my home and would she like to come? How would I behave if I was not spinning my story? I would call with the expectation that my friends and good customers would be just as excited as I am, because after-all MK is a wonderful product, fabulous career and just a down-right good time. Again yesterday was a good example, I finally got through to a former co-worker that had not been returning my calls. She was apologetic, it turns out she had not been blowing me off, just crazy busy and overwhelmed with some life issues. So the Turn-around statements . They are tired of hearing about MK becomes They are not tired of hearing about MK. Cool! Definitely like the second one better. However , They are tired of hearing about MK also becomes I am tired of hearing about MK. This of course, is not true, but with a little self-psychotherapy translates to I am tired of disappointing myself. So, my battle is in unraveling why I self- sabotage myself and have a low deserve level. So Sigmund what’s wrong with Cathy? I have a rather lengthy list of calls to make. So, why am I spending so much time blogging? LOL Procrastination in the guise of therapy! I will let you know how it turns out.

  6. Biraj on November 29, 2014 at 2:19 am

    , Nancy and I have decided to award the leads at rnadom times through the program. We will base who they go to on who is blogging and having success getting out of their comfort zone. Be sure to blog because if Nancy and I get leads that day, you could win them. We don’t know which days we will be giving them out because we don’t know which days we will get leads. The message here is post, post, post, post to the blog! This way you have a chance to win. My second warm chatter of the night went something like this. We were at a bar and she came up to order food. I asked her what she was getting and we started talking about food. Then I asked her What do you do? This is a great question to ask because what will people ask you after you ask this question? They will ask you what you do. You can then bring up Mary Kay and there you have it are warm chattering. I told her I do trainings for Mary Kay consultants and she said she had thought of becoming a consultant. Just as I was getting her information, Sasha Newtom spotted me from across the bar. When she arrived I introduced Sasha to the woman (her name is Jessica) and gave her the lead. She is coming Saturday to muffins and Makeovers (is makeovers one word or two?!!). I guess the universe wanted Sasha to get that lead. Talk about being in the right place at the right time! Be sure to ask people what they do then they will ask you the same question and you can transition very easily into a conversation about Mary Kay. I am so glad to hear about all the successes from day one. This is just the beginning lets keep it up and build on the momentum! Best of luck to all of you tomorrow and remember .post to the blog.

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