Plan Ahead

At Rochester Cremation, planning in advance has many benefits, especially for those you love.

Make your wishes known by creating a permanent record for future use.
Gain peace of mind that comes with knowing that your wishes have been made known and the details are taken care of.
Protect yourself against unforseen costs and emotional overspending.

Relieve the Financial Burden

Prepaying for your final expenses ensures that the financial responsibility for the funeral or cost of cremation in NY are not placed on family members. With our pre-funding plans, you can save money by purchasing a price guaranteed contract that locks the service and merchandise prices in, eliminating the effects of inflation.

  • Your Investment is Protected - Even if you move or death occurs away from home.
  • Insurance Benefits - Are not effected and will be paid to the appropriate beneficiaries.
  • Medicaid Approved - Plans are available to set funds aside.
  • Your Estate Benefits - When there are no monies owed for Funeral or Cremation expenses. Your heirs get to keep more of what you've earned.
  • Relieve Your Family - From untold amounts of emotional stress at the time of need.

Type of Plans

Guaranteed Plan

With a guaranteed plan, Rochester Cremation will guarantee the services and merchandise you selected for the amount of money in your account upon passing. Your family or estate will not have to pay anything extra for those items that are guaranteed. These contracts must be paid in full at the time of setting up your prefunded account. Cash advances and third-party expenses are not subject to a guarantee.

Types of Trusts

Revocable Trust

Revocable Trusts allow the purchaser to cancel a contract and withdraw the trust principal and any interest at any time, without penalty.

Irrevocable Trust

Irrevocable Trusts must be set up if you are applying for Medicaid or may be required if you are applying for Supplemental Social Security Benefits. All monies paid to fund these type of trusts need to be used for funeral or cremation expenses. Any funds that are left must be returned to the county, not the purchaser.

*All trusts are FDIC insured against loss.