Veterans Benefits

It is our policy to provide assistance to Veterans and their families in need of financial help. Accordingly, Rochester Cremation has approved the following policy:
Rochester Cremation will provide our simple cremation services at “No-Cost” for any Veteran who:

  • Qualifies and receives the maximum benefit from the Monroe County Funeral Assistance Program.
  • For any Veteran who dies in a Veteran Administration Medical Center.
Veteran Cremation - Rochester Cremation

Cash Benefits

VA burial allowances are partial cash reimbursements of an eligible Veteran’s burial and funeral costs. The benefits can be as much as $2000 when the death is service related. When the cause of death is not service related, the reimbursements are generally described as two payments:

  • Funeral/cremation expense allowance (up to $700)
  • Plot or interment allowance (up to $700)

If the death happened while the Veteran was in a VA hospital or under VA contracted nursing home care, some or all costs for transporting the Veteran’s remains may be reimbursed.

Cemetery Benefits

We understand that these cemeteries may be a small drive for you. Remember, it is an honor to be buried in a National Cemetery! They are owned by the American people for the exclusive use of Veterans and their families.
All honorably discharged Veterans, their spouses and dependent children are entitled to:

  • FREE grave space
  • FREE opening and closing of the grave
  • FREE cemetery marker
  • FREE grave liners
  • FREE perpetual care

This benefit can save your family thousands of dollars and applies to those families choosing cremation.

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