How To Prepare Children For Rochester, NY Funeral Homes

Rochester, NY funeral homes

It can be hard to know how to act at a funeral, especially for children. While children may have many of the same feelings as adults, they can have a hard time understanding those feelings and may act up at a funeral if they are scared or confused about how things are going. If you need to take your children to a funeral and want to make sure they are on their best behavior, consider these tips to help prepare children for Rochester, NY funeral homes.

Tell Them What To Expect

Children act up when they are scared or confused. If they have never been to a funeral, they may not know what to expect and can be overwhelmed by what they find. Let children know what will go on and what they can expect to see or hear while they are at the funeral home.

Tell Them What Behavior Is Acceptable

Set clear expectations for behavior before you attend the funeral. Children need to know what is expected of them and be told how they should act. Children are more likely to follow rules when they understand them. Make sure you tell your children they can come to you if they feel upset or scared, or when they need to take a break.

Make Them Feel Safe

Funerals can be overwhelming for children and they may feel scared at some point. Let your child know they are safe and talk to them about death if necessary. Never push your child to view a body and allow them to grieve in their own way. Be supportive and open and answer their questions about death and the funeral process. Children tend to act out when they are scared so ensure them that they are safe can help reduce bad behavior and bring your child some comfort during a scary situation.

Give Them A Break

If you are at a viewing and plan on spending several hours, your children may need to take a break at some point. Taking a break allows them to get away from the crowd and the situation and take a break. It also gives you a chance to talk to them and make sure they are handling things okay. You may want to take a walk outside, get them a snack, or just take a second to go to the car and regroup.

If you have children and plan to take them to a funeral, you want them to behave well. Rochester, NY funeral homes welcome children and we will do everything possible to make them comfortable. If you are worried about the way your child may act at a funeral, take the time to talk to them. The above tips can help you prepare them for a funeral service so they are less likely to act up or feel scared. If you need help planning a funeral be sure to contact Rochester Cremation. We are here to help with all your funeral planning needs.

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