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Planning a cremation at a traditional funeral home can be stressful and expensive. That’s why we decided to reinvent it. We believe that pre planning a cremation should be Simple, Affordable and Stress-Free. We are a consumer-focused company, designed with you in mind. From boutique locations that don’t look at all like funeral homes, to a staff that is welcoming and not pushy. As always, we are available to you 24 hours a day at our Henrietta Office (585) 359-2300 .

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In the moments and hours after a loved one passes on; many people feel uncertain about what to do. They may or may not be overwhelmed in a sea of grief and emotional pain, wondering how to move forward. That’s where the support of compassionate funeral home and cremation professionals in Rochester, NY can help. They can take on the heavy burden of caring for the deceased, and help you to plan a funeral or memorial service.

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But before all of that can happen, there are a handful of steps that need to take place just to get things rolling. Some things need to happen immediately or very soon. Knowing the basics of what comes next will help you to cope with the situation as you begin the long journey of healing and adjustment to life without the presence of your loved one. Here’s what you need to know:

Alert the Correct Authorities

How and where the death has happened will influence who you should call. If the person has died in a medical establishment, such as a hospital, assisted living center, or another care facility, the attending staff should be notified. If they discover the death first, they will notify you and the attending physician. If the person has died at their place of work, call emergency services immediately.

If any life-saving measures can be performed, they will know or will pronounce the death officially. When a person dies alone or without anyone else to witness what happened, the police should be notified. No one should move or touch the body until they have had a chance to evaluate the situation to determine whether death involved any foul play.

Call a Funeral Home and Cremations Provider in Rochester, NY

Once the authorities have been notified and performed their necessary work of documenting the death. A funeral home service can be invited to come and care for the mortal remains of the fallen. You should contact your preferred provider to come and take the body to their funeral home for care and grooming in preparation for burial or cremation services, as you may prefer. If the individual who has died has any pre-arrangement instructions in place, those details may help determine which funeral home to contact for support.

When you call the funeral home, the director may begin to give you instructions about what they need from you and the family to help them to care for your deceased loved one. For example, they may request you to bring a set of preferred burial clothing and any needed paperwork.


Go to the Funeral Home

At the funeral home, you will meet with the funeral director in an arrangement conference to plan the funeral home services. If there is a pre-need funeral plan in place, many of these decisions will already be made by the deceased while they were still living through pre planning. This can make the process much more simplified and less stressful. There is no guessing what the deceased would best prefer about their services.

However, if you need to make at-need arrangements, they will involve making decisions such as whether you wish casket burial or cremation care for the deceased. They will inquire about your preferences to hold a funeral or memorial service –or possibly no formal service at all. They will aid you in planning the date and time of services, arrange for location, schedule viewing and visitation, etc.

If any cultural, religious, or other family customs impact how the funeral or memorial service is held, these details will also be discussed in the arrangement conference. The price for service will also be discussed and agreed upon. Your chosen funeral home and cremations care team in Rochester, NY will also begin efforts to personalize services by learning more about the deceased and who they were in life. They will coordinate the display of any photos, favorite items, or other important memorabilia that can improve the personal nature of the service.

Contact Friends and Family

You should alert family and close friends that the death has happened as soon as possible. They should personally hear this news from you first, and not second hand through any other means. Pre planning the details of any service plans can be shared later through email or other means, but the phone call notifying surviving loved ones is an important action to take right away. Other friends and contacts that are not as closely connected to the family can receive the news by email, social media, obituary notice, or in any second-hand manner that may occur.

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Rochester Cremation is a full-service provider serving local families in the community. When you need funeral home and cremations support in Rochester, NY, call on us for help with pre planning. We’re located at 4044 W Henrietta Rd Rochester, NY 14623. Contact us day or night at (585) 359-2300 for help in your moment of need.


Funeral & Cremation FAQs

  • How much is the cash reimbursement for the surviving spouse or family of veterans?

    Reimbursement to the surviving spouse or family member of a diseased veteran may be as much as $2000. Learn more.

  • Is it okay to bring kids to a funeral?

    We discourage bringing kids to a funeral unless they have a relationship with the deceased. Check out our tips on how to prepare children for a funeral in Rochester, NY.