How To Use Photos With Henrietta, NY Cremation Services

Henrietta, NY cremation services

Many people prefer Henrietta, NY cremation services because they are fast, simple, and affordable. One of the only things people find an issue with is that they seem impersonal because you don’t get to view the body. Some people need to see the body in order to find closure and accept the death. When you choose cremation services, the body is cremated and the ashes are returned to the family. One of the ways you can make cremation services more personal is to include photos. Here are some suggestions on how to use them.


Collages can allow you to combine all your favorite photos of your deceased loved one and then show them off. They are a great way to bring up memories of good times and to help shift the mood of the funeral. They can be displayed around the room during the cremation or memorial service. You can also encourage others to make their own collages to bring photos to you that you can use to make them yourself. This makes the service much more personal and special for everyone.

Framed Prints

If you just want to have a few photos at the cremation, the easiest thing to do is to print out some photos of the deceased. You may choose to add photos of them when they are younger and a more current one. You can hold the photos while you witness the cremation or ask if they can be displayed during cremation. If you are planning a memorial service after the cremation, you can display the photos next to the urn.

Photo DVD

If you want to make something that you can show at the cremation service but also take home as a keepsake, consider making a photo DVD. A photo DVD includes all your favorite photos and they can pop up in any order you choose while songs play in the background. You can choose songs that are special to your family or that meant something to the deceased, DVDs are convenient because you can put a lot of photos on them and you can make as many copies as you want so each family member can have one if they choose. The funeral home can play the DVD during the cremation or during a memorial service after the cremation is complete.

When it comes to cremation, there are many reasons to choose it. If you are trying to stay on a budget, don’t have a lot of time to spend on the planning, or just prefer something simple, Henrietta, NY cremation services could be the right option for your loved one. If you still want to make sure the service is personal and special, you may want to add photos. Adding photos is easy and any funeral home will be happy to assist you. If you are ready to plan cremation services for yourself or a family member, give us a call today. Rochester Cremation is here to help with all your planning needs.

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