Spreading A Loved One’s Ashes At The Beach After Henrietta, NY Cremation Services

Henrietta, NY cremation services

When you lose a loved one and are in charge of making the plans for Henrietta, NY cremation services, you have to think about what you will do for the actual cremation and after. You may also be the person who gets to keep your loved one’s remains and you will need to decide if you plan to store them in an urn or if you would rather spread them in a special place. If you and your loved one went to the beach often, it might be a good idea to spread them there. Here are some things to keep in mind if this is what you choose to do.

Get Permission

Before you spread the ashes anywhere, you will need to get permission to do so. That means you will need to cheek with the city or the owner of the beach or property you are considering to make sure it is permitted. You also want to see if you are able to have a memorial service at the beach if you decide you want to do everything at the same time. This will ensure that everyone can be a part of it.


You should decide if you want to spread your loved one’s ashes on the beach or in the sand. You may decide that it’s best to find a favorite spot on the beach and spread them there. You can also decide to just bury the ashes on the beach in or out of the urn and even take a boat out to deeper water where you can release the ashes in to the ocean and know that they will stay there and won’t wash up on the sand.

Memorial ServiceHenrietta, NY cremation services

If you are planning to have a memorial service with the cremation you will want to decide if you are going to have it before, after or during the spreading of the ashes. You may want to have the ceremony where you spread the ashes or you may decide it’s better to have it elsewhere. You need to make a decision before you start planning to spread the ashes as this can have an effect on where and how they are spread.

If you are thinking about spreading a loved one’s ashes after cremation services, you will want to consider doing so on a beach. You can choose any beach that means something to you or is a place your locked one preferred. You should keep the above tips and ideas in mind to help make the process easier. When it comes time to plane Henrietta, NY cremation services, be sure to reach out to Rochester Cremation. We are here to assist you with all aspects of your funeral and cremation planning needs.

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