Decisions: Funeral Home and Cremation Options in Greece, NY

Rochester Cremation is our area's first and only company focused solely on "worry-free" cremations. We pledge to offer you simple, easy-to-understand cremation options at a price you can actually afford.

In fact, our Simple Cremation services are typically 40% to 60% less than providers elsewhere. For more personalized information about your family’s needs, call our experts for a warm and caring conversation. Our funeral and cremation care professionals will provide detailed options for you to consider. Call us today at (585) 222-2300.

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When a loved one passes away, the family is often left to decide how their remains should be cared for. There are numerous advantages to the different styles of disposition of a body, each suited to the preferences of the fallen individual or the family. If your family is seeking a supportive funeral and cremation firm in Greece, NY, look for one that can provide unbiased guidance on your options. The most important thing is that your needs are met in the service style you choose.

The primary service styles for the disposition of a deceased person are funeral and casket burial, or memorial and cremation. There are also variations where a funeral service is held with the body present before cremation services. If you need support deciding what is right for your situation, you can consult with a funeral care professional. Here are several points to review regarding the advantages of each type of dispositional style.

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Memorial and Cremation Advantages

Cremations have grown increasingly common in recent decades. Families are looking for alternative options for the care of their dead in a way that allows them more personal instead of traditional means. A worry-free funeral and cremation service provider in Greece, NY can accommodate the needs of each family according to their wishes and avoid cremation common mistakes.

  • Expense – The cost of cremation care can be much less expensive than a traditional funeral and burial service. Families appreciate the option to save their resources for the needs of the family that yet lives, while still being able to provide an honorable burial service.
  • Environmentally Gentle – Traditional burials include the use of an embalming chemical which is well documented to pollute the soils and streams surrounding cemetery grounds. In time, these substances can affect groundwater and soil systems. Cremation helps to avoid this unfortunate circumstance.
  • Portable – The remains of a cremated individual can be readily ported. Families are much more mobile in today’s world, moving from place to place for jobs, opportunities, etc. A fixed burial plot does not lend well to remaining near to a deceased loved one.
  • Memorial – Much like a funeral, the memorial service is intended to honor the fallen, but without the presence of their physical body at the event. This allows more flexibility to schedule a memorial than a funeral.

Caring Funeral Home and Cremations in Greece, NY

Whether choosing funeral home services that involve traditional burial or modern cremation, our modern funeral, and cremation center in Greece, NY is at your service. For more personalized information about your family’s needs, call our experts for a warm and caring conversation. Our funeral care professionals will provide detailed options for you to consider. Visit Rochester Cremation at 1118 Long Pond Rd Rochester, NY 14626. Call us today at (585) 222-2300.



Funeral & Cremation FAQs

  • How to choose the right funeral home in Greece, NY?

    There are a lot of factors to note when looking for a respectable funeral home in Greece, NY. Our advice is to always check the following: services offered, size of the facility, planning options, and payment options. Learn more.

  • How to plan a cremation service in Greece, NY?

    There are 3 major aspects of planning a cremation service: Right timing, personal touches, and budget. Learn more.

  • How long is a cremation?

    On average it takes about 2-3 hours for a body to be cremated. Our complete cremation process has 10 steps all in all including steps prior to cremation, steps at the crematory, and steps after cremation. Learn more.