Reusing Funeral Flowers

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If you are planning a funeral at Rochester, NY funeral homes, you can expect to receive many flowers. Sympathy flowers and plants are commonplace at funerals and memorial services. Despite the beauty of flowers at a funeral, it can be difficult to know what to do with them all after the service. Thankfully, flowers can be reused in many ways after the service. Here are a few ways to use flowers creatively.

Dry Them

It is best to keep flowers in a dry place for a long time in order to ensure they will last longer. There are many ways to dry the flower and the best thing to do is try to put the flowers between two pages in a book. You can make souvenirs or memorial gifts from the dried flowers when they are completely dry. You can use them as decorations at home or save them for other projects in the future. Dried flowers can last a while if stored properly in a safe place.

Create A Memorial Garden

Planting flowers in your backyard is possible if they are not cut and are planted in baskets rather than cut. They can even come back every year if they are perennials. You can plant them in the garden or even in pots and display them on your patio or other parts of your home. As long as you take care of the plants, you will enjoy them for many years. Many of these flowers also bloom as they grow and can even fill your flower bed or garden, so you will always have a memory of your loved one that you can enjoy close to you at all times.

Make Memorial Jewelry

Making flower beads might be a good idea so you can share them with your family and friends. If you have a lot of beads, you may have a way to make something for all the friends and family of the deceased who want something to remember their loved one by or may just hope to have a way to feel like their loved one is nearby when they miss them. There are many things you can do with the beads and jewelry is just one option. You can even create your own individual designs that apply to you and your loved ones. Instructions for making these jewelry can be found in craft magazines and online.Rochester NY funeral homes

If you plan to have funeral services at Rochester, NY funeral homes and are thinking about what you can do with all the flowers you may receive, you need to find something that you can make or create, or another way to reuse them. The tips above can help you recycle flowers instead of tossing them out when they die. You can choose to make many special things with flowers that you can keep for yourself and give some to friends and family. If you need help to plan ahead a service for a loved one, give us a call or visit our location.