Easy DIY Memorial Gifts For Rochester, NY Funeral Homes

Rochester, NY funeral homes

When you are planning to attend a funeral service at Rochester, NY funeral homes, it’s a good idea to send or bring a gift. This will let the family know that you are thinking about them and are there to offer your support. You can choose to buy the gifts or order them online or you can make them yourself. Making them yourself can help you save money and make them more personal. There are plenty of different types of gifts you can make, but if you need some ideas be sure to consider some of these options.


If you are thinking about buying a gift for a loved one that will help make them more comfortable, you could consider a blanket. You can make a blanket that looks how you choose and even get creative and make it out of clothing that belonged to the deceased. You can also come up with different designs that can be added to the blanket to make it more personal and more special for the family. You can make blankets you tie or sew. You can also buy a blanket and then decorate it with different designs and images if you choose.

Memorial Ornament

If you are worried that the family may have a hard time getting through the holidays after losing a loved one you may want to consider ordering or making an ornament. The ornament can be made with the name and information of the deceased. They family can choose to hang the ornament on their tree or use it as a decoration in other areas of their home. This is something they can keep and use over and over again each year and always look at to remember their loved one when they are missing them.

Rochester, NY funeral homes


You can easily find or make keychains that are made in memorial of a deceased person. You can make the keychains yourself using beads or other craft items. You can also order a blank keychain and then etch it or even paint or draw on it to personalize it and make it more special. You can come up with different designs and make many keychains for each family member who is grieving or who you feel would like to have a keychain to have as a keepsake in memory of their deceased loved one.

If you are planning to attend a service at Rochester, NY funeral homes and you want to be able to have or send a gift for a friend or family member who is grieving a loss, be sure to consider the above tips and suggestions. You can also come up with other ways to make gifts that someone could keep in memory of their loved one. If you need help planning your funeral services, be sure to reach out to Rochester Cremation. We are happy to help with all your cremation and funeral planning needs. Give us a call to learn more about our services.

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