How Much Does Cremation Cost?

how much does cremation cost

Many people are choosing cremation over a traditional burial because it is affordable and more environmentally friendly. Some of the benefits include being able to choose your own urn, lower costs for families or organizations that need multiple funerals in one year, and reduced space needed at cemeteries. Besides these concrete advantages, there are some intangible ones as well.

The cost of cremating varies depending on whether you use an independent funeral home services provider or if they’re provided through your employer’s plan with pre-paid group rates available.

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A low-cost cremation 

A cost-effective option for those who wish to save money on funeral costs, while still honoring their loved one with an appropriate ceremony. 

When you opt-in favor of low-cost cremation services there are some important things to consider, though: The deceased will not receive any kind of service or viewing before they’re reduced completely into ashes; You won’t have access during the ceremony because it’s closed casket and only immediate family members may attend (unless otherwise noted). Your choice doesn’t come without sentimentality – even if no visitation takes place beforehand the mourners get to watch as someone they love turns from human form into ash.

Rights when planning a direct cremation:

  1. Choose to have your deceased loved ones’ ashes scattered or framed and displayed in their home.
  2. Coordinate with family members on who will be responsible for the scattering, what type of urn is used, where they are buried, etc.

Three Different Types of Cremations

1. “immediate” or “direct” cremation

This means the body will be brought to a place where it can go into its final resting position without any sort of ceremony in between. 

2. Urn burial service

Known as direct placement; this involves placing your loved one’s ashes inside their favorite container and then burying them right away by themselves on private property for example (there is no need for a casket).

3. Scattering of ashescremation cost

Sometimes families scatter loved ones’ remains at sea or overland instead choosing to have them buried somewhere else like ground outside backyards that they may not own yet.

Cremation Services  

Cremation is a great option for those who can’t commit to the thought of an eternal resting place. They may not sound ideal, but they offer many benefits that make them worth considering, nonetheless. 

The biggest is how much cheaper cremation costs compared with traditional burial and the ability to scatter ashes in different locations. 

Cremation also allows you more flexibility when it comes time for memorializing your loved one’s life because there are fewer restrictions on what kind of ceremony or ritual you want to conduct than if their remains were buried underground which would require digging up after some numbers of years have passed – this could be too late by then so take advantage while you still can. 


Affordable Cremation Costs in Rochester, NY


Simple Cremation

For those who just want cremation. Our cremation starts at $1185.


Simple Cremation with a Gathering of Family and Friends

Celebrate Life where it was most important to your loved one; outside a funeral home. Let our staff plan a gathering at your church, park, lodge or favorite restaurant. Our cost of cremation with gathering of family and friends starts at $1,285.

Simple Cremation with a Final Goodbye

Many families need an opportunity to say goodbye. This plan adds a private family viewing at our facility or a witnessed cremation at the crematory. This cremation with a final goodbye starts at $1,3850.


Simple Cremation with a Graveside Service

Includes our Simple Cremation plan with a Graveside or Committal Service at the cemetery. This cremation with graveside service starts at $1285.00.


Modern Day Funeral Followed by Cremation

For those who would like to have an “open casket” viewing before a service at your church or cemetery chapel. This plan adds the required preparation, staff and vehicles needed for a Modern-Day Funeral. This service followed by cremation starts at $3485.00.