How To Attract Birds To A Grave After Services At Rochester, NY Funeral Homes

Rochester, NY funeral homes

When you plan the funeral of a loved one, you want to make sure everything is the way they want it. You may pay close attention to the flowers you choose and the songs you select, but what happens after the loved one is buried. You want to do more than just add a headstone and forget about them. Many people spend a lot of time at the cemetery because they feel close to their loved ones. You may also want to attract animals and birds to the grave if your loved one enjoyed these animals while they were alive. Here are some ways you can attract birds to a grave after you leave Rochester, NY funeral homes.


It’s not always easy for birds to find water in nature and if they do find a water source, they often return to it. Adding a water source to a grave will give the birds a place to find water and make them frequent the area. You add fountains or decorative birdbaths. If you spend a lot of time visiting the cemetery, you will also get to enjoy these things and may find that the birds don’t even mind your presence.


Birds will come to a place where they can easily find food so adding a birdfeeder to the cemetery will make them spend more time there. Bird feeders also add a decorative touch to the grave and can be moved and changed as needed. You will need to make sure you check the bird feeder regularly to ensure there is still plenty of seeds inside it and keep it filled up so the birds know that they can always find food here. If they notice it is out of seed often, they may stop visiting.


Birds enjoy plants for many reasons. Some of them use them for nesting and others depend on them for food. Some even like to hide in them on hot summer days to stay cool to bed down in them during the winter to stay warm. If you want to keep a lot of birds near your loved one’s grave, it’s a good idea to plant a variety of plants around it. Shrubs, flowers, and ground covers are a few ideas to keep in mind. You can also plant trees if there is enough space.

Rochester, NY funeral homes

If you are planning a funeral for a loved one and want to make sure everything goes just how they would want it, you have a lot to do. If your loved one has already left Rochester, NY funeral homes, and is buried at the cemetery, you may be looking for a way to make their grave a more enjoyable place for your to visit. If you want to attract birds and other animals to the grave, be sure to keep the above tips in mind. If you need to plan funeral services for a loved one, you can reach out to Rochester Cremation for help. Give us a call or stop by today to learn more about our services.

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