How To Make A Closed Casket Funeral More Personal

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Some situations may not allow the holding of an open casket funeral. People may choose to keep their casket closed for a variety of reasons. It is common for this kind of service to be offered, but it is less popular because it is less tailored to the individual. Closed caskets are uncomfortable for most people because they prevent them from seeing their loved ones and saying their last goodbyes. Consider including these personal touches in a closed casket service in Greece, NY funeral homes, if there is no other choice.

Use Photos

To allow loved ones to pay their respects, photos can be inserted in lieu of opening the casket. One or more photos can be displayed to memorialize the deceased. You are free to add however many photos you wish. Others in the family can also make collages of photos to be displayed at the funeral. A memorial service will allow attendees to feel more connected to the deceased and to get some closure. This is a good way to get creative and add something more personal and special to the services. You can work with other friends and family members to come up with the best photos or collages to display at the service.

Play A Video

Video can capture a number of special moments, including those with family and loved ones. A video can be created as a slideshow of deceased photographs or as a compilation of video clips. The video will be shown during the funeral service so that guests can relax and reflect on their memories. The DVD may be copied as well for the benefit of family members and friends who may wish to keep it in memory of their loved ones. It’s understandable that some people wish they had something to remember the deceased by, and that can sometimes be exactly what they want.

Offer EulogiesGreece, NY funeral home

Every attendee can feel connected to the deceased by giving a few words in the eulogy. The memory of the deceased can be entertaining or a funny incident can be related. In addition, it is a reminder of all the happy times he or she had with his or her friends. In addition, you can invite others to express themselves through singing, reading, and telling stories. The process can take some time, so you might want to do this in advance so that not everyone will be trying to share their story and you can focus on just a few.

There are many ways in which Greece, NY funeral homes can personalize a closed casket service. Many factors must be taken into account, but the suggestions above are a few to keep in mind. A good idea would be to ask your friends and family for some suggestions. Let us know if you require help planning the funeral. No matter whether the casket is open or closed, we will be happy to assist you. If you have any questions, please contact us. As you proceed through the planning process, we are ready to answer your questions.

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