How To Make Greece, NY Cremation Services More Personal

Greece, NY cremation services

When you lose a loved one, it can be shocking. You want the funeral to be a personal and special send-off for them and a way for the family to come together to grieve the loss and comfort each other. If you are choosing to have a cremation, you may feel as if you are limited on ways to include the family and make the service more personal. Cremations are affordable and flexible so you can choose to make them as personal and detailed as you want. If you are considering Greece, NY cremation services, keep these tips in mind to help make the cremation a more personal experience for you and your family.

Use Photos

Since there is nobody to view at a cremation, it can be helpful to display photos of the deceased. You can collect photos from during their life and display them on poster board during the cremation service. You can place them beside the urn or just add a small photo album with photos to a memory table. This will give something for the guests to look at and think about. You may also want to ask guests to bring or make a display of their own photos.

Encourage Participation

You can always encourage your family members and friends who have come to pay their respects to speak up and share a special memory with the deceased. You can do this at the viewing or the cremation. This allows everyone to talk about how much the deceased meant to them personally and can even help them come to terms with the person’s death and find closure. It can also help lighten the mood and encourage other people to share their stories as well.

Memory Table

A memory table is a special table that is displayed during a memorial service. It can hold an urn with the loved one’s ashes as well as other things that are special to the family or meant a lot to the deceased. You may want to add special photos, awards, clothing, jewelry or other things that remind you of your loved one. You can also include a notebook for people to write down their favorite memories with the deceased.

Many people aren’t sure how to make Greece, NY cremation services personal, but it is possible. Cremation is a simple process, but it doesn’t limit your funeral options. If you need help planning a cremation or finding ways to make the cremation service more personal and special, Rochester Cremation can help. We are here to assist you with planning a cremation and we are happy to answer your questions and make suggestions about the service along the away. We want to make funeral planning as easy as possible. Instead of worrying and stressing about things, let us assist you in planning the perfect cremation ceremony for yourself or a loved one. You can learn more about our services by calling us or making an appointment to stop by our office.

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