Planning A Memorial Service At Home After Rochester, NY Cremation Services

Rochester, NY cremation services

When you are trying to plan Rochester, NY cremation services you will have to decide if you want to have a memorial service for them as well. You can also think about where you will have it. Some people like to plan to have a memorial service at home because it makes it easier for them to make their plans and it can be a more affordable way to go. If you are planning a memorial service at home, be sure to keep these tips in mind.


When you are hosting a memorial service, you should expect that everyone will need a place to sit. If you are having it inside your home, your furniture may not be enough to accommodate everyone. You may also need to rent some chairs for extra seating. You can also rent chairs if you are planning to have the services outdoors. You can usually rent chairs and other types of seating. You should make sure your home is large enough to accommodate everyone.

Food And Drinks

It’s customary to offer some refreshments to those who will be attending the memorial service. If you are having it at your home, it may be easier to plan for the refreshments because you will be able to make them yourself and also keep them cool or warm while you wait for the guests to arrive. You can also have the memorial service catered if needed. You can also ask your guest to bring a covered dish and everyone can share.

The ServiceRochester, NY cremation services

It’s a good idea to have a plan for the memorial service. You can choose to keep things simple and just let everyone mingle and talk as they please or you can it more of a structured service where you have certain times for certain aspects. You can also let your guests know if you want them to sing or give eulogy at the service so they can be prepared to do so when they arrive and won’t be caught off guard or feel like they have been put on the spot.

If you are thinking about planning a cremation service for a loved one you will need to think about where and if you will have a memorial service. There are a lot of different places where you have the memorial service and if you choose to have it at home you will want to keep the above tips in mind. When it comes time to plan Rochester, NY cremation services you can reach out to Rochester Cremation for help.