Arndt Funeral Home

Arndt Funeral Home

Arndt Funeral Home is now part of the Rochester Cremation family. A full-service funeral home serving families in Rochester, NY. Our licensed funeral directors have helped families of all different faiths plan memorable funeral services for their deceased loved ones since 1975. We offer traditional funerals, graveside service, and modern-day cremation services for families in Monroe County and surrounding areas.

PHONE: (585) 222-2300

Please contact us with any question, comments, or inquiries, and we will reply as soon as possible.



A Stress-Free Experience

We are a consumer-focused company, designed with you in mind. From boutique locations that don’t look at all like funeral homes, to a staff that is welcoming and not pushy.

You will feel comfortable here.

  • No stressful arrangements
  • No high pressure sales
  • No impersonal services