Different Types Of Bio Urns

Rochester, NY cremation services

Rochester, NY cremation services are an option for those who have lost a loved one and have decided to lay them to rest in a way that is meaningful to them. You must also consider the details of those services and how you want to ensure they are laid to rest in a way that is meaningful to you. After the cremation, it is important to decide what to do with the ashes. It may be an option for you to create an urn from a biomaterial to help grow a new life from your loved one’s ashes. Take note of these options.

Tree Urns

An urn made of biodegradable material can be used to grow an everlasting plant or tree from cremated ashes. There are many different types of trees to choose from. When your family member was alive, think about something they would like in their garden or yard. It can be planted in your garden or anywhere else that you like. The memorial will be a beautiful place for families to gather in the years to come to share stories, drink coffee, read books, or simply reflect.

Patio Urn

A loved one’s ashes can be planted outdoors in an urn without needing a special place. With a patio urn, you can create an enduring memorial by growing a beautiful houseplant or shrub. It is possible to pick something that looks great on your patio as well as in your home in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

Scattering Urn

More than 40% of cremated remains are scattered in special places, according to the Cremation Association of North America. Scattering is becoming increasingly popular, but few scattering urns are available. For scattering ashes, some types of urns are made specifically for the purpose. With a handcrafted urn, dispersing ashes is both easy and dignified. Besides multiple scattering urn sizes, families can also combine all ashes into one.

Small Plant UrnRochester, NY cremation services

If you want to go a step further with your wood urn, consider a small plant urn. In addition to their different designs, they have small holes at the top for planting succulents. As you see the plant growing in the urn, you’ll remember your loved ones and know that their ashes are enabling new life to flourish. The urn is magnetized so everything stays in place, and you’ll see that their ashes are enabling new life to flourish.

Considering a bio urn as an option when planning to have your loved one cremated. Utilizing your loved one’s ashes in this way contributes to the environment and helps something else grow. We can assist you with your cremation plans if you are planning on Rochester, NY cremation services. If you are having difficulty choosing an urn for your loved one’s ashes, we are here to help you and work with you to ensure their ashes are properly handled and cared for. Don’t hesitate to stop by and ask questions or get more information about our services.

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