How To Help The Elderly Plan Funerals

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Many elderly people need help when they are trying to work out the details of a service or if they need to make plans for a service in Greece, NY funeral homes. They may reach out to other family members or even friends for help. If you are trying to help them, consider suggesting some of these ideas.

Religious service

If the deceased had religious beliefs, a funeral service based on their faith can be arranged. If the elderly would like to include some religious scripture or rituals in their services, you can help them arrange those and work out the details.

Celebration Of Life

A celebration of life service can be a more upbeat and positive alternative to a traditional funeral. It can include music, storytelling, and other elements that celebrate the life and achievements of the deceased.

Personal Details

Incorporating personal touches into the funeral service can help make it more meaningful and reflective of the individual. This can include displaying photos or personal items, playing their favorite music, or incorporating their hobbies or interests into the service.


Giving eulogies is a common tradition at funerals, and family and friends can share stories and memories of the deceased. Begin the eulogy by introducing yourself and your relationship to the person who has passed away. You may also want to explain the purpose of the eulogy and what you hope to accomplish. Share personal stories and anecdotes that highlight the person’s unique qualities and accomplishments. This can help illustrate their character and create a more personal connection with the audience.


Instead of flowers, families can ask for donations to be made to a charity or cause that was important to the deceased.

Video Tribute

A video tribute can be a way to share memories, photos, and stories of the deceased during the funeral service. Choose music that is meaningful to the person being honored and that fits the mood of the tribute. You can choose one song or several songs to play throughout the video. There are many video editing software options available such as iMovie, Adobe Premiere, or Windows Movie Maker. Choose one that you are comfortable with and that fits your budget.

Plan A ReceptionGreece, NY funeral homes

Determine the number of guests you would like to invite to the reception. You could consider creating a list of close family and friends or opening up the reception to all who attended the funeral service. Send out invitations to the guests with the date, time, and location of the reception. You could use traditional mail or email to communicate the information. Consider the seating arrangements for guests at the reception. You could arrange tables and chairs to encourage socialization or create a more casual atmosphere.

If you are trying to assist an elderly loved one with funeral plans at Greece, NY funeral homes, there are certain things you can suggest to help them make the service better and ensure the service goes just the way you want.