Memorial Suggestions For Rochester, NY Cremation Services

Rochester, NY cremation services

When you are set on choosing Rochester, NY cremation services, the next step is to choose the right memorial service for them. You have a lot of options and there are many different types of services to plan. While you can have a cremation without a memorial service, it can be beneficial to the grief process if you do have a memorial service so family and friend scan attend and pay their respects. This can also help them get closure. If you are ready to plan cremation services be sure to consider some of these tips and suggestions to help with your plans.

Custom Displays

If you are looking for a way to remember the life of your loved one and show off their accomplishments and personality, you may want to consider creating a custom display. You can do this by choosing a table or a canvas and adding photos, personal belongings and more to the display. This will give those who attend the service an idea of the life your loved one lived and allow everyone to focus on their life and not just their death. You can also encourage others to bring things to add to the display.

Video Presentations

Video presentations are a nice way to show your loved one’s photos and accomplishments. You can use videos clips that are sent in by different friends and family members or you can use videos you already have. You can also add photos to the video to make a slideshow if you choose. The video can play during the memorial service and if anyone would like to have a copy of the video you can easily make copies for them and give them out as a keepsake and special memorial item.

Rochester, NY cremation services


If you are planning on showing your loved ones how much you appreciate them coming to the service and paying their respects, you can have a reception and service dinner. You can choose to make a large meal or even just some finger foods. You can also have it potluck style and encourage others to bring a dish. This will give you time to talk with the people who attend and remember your loved one. You can have the receptions at a location of your choice such as a community center, restaurant, or even your home.

If you are planning a cremation and want to have a memorial service, you may be looking for some good tips and suggestions that can help you plan the best memorial service, be sur to consider some of the tips above. You can also come up with other ways that you can give your loved one the memorial service they deserve. If you need help planning a funeral or cremation be sure to reach out to Rochester Cremation. We are here to help you plan Rochester, NY cremation services.

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