Should Your Loved One Wear Makeup At Their Funeral?

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If a loved one has recently passed away and you are planning their funeral at Rochester, NY funeral homes, there are a lot of minor details you will need to work out. One of the most common is whether or not you want your loved one to wear makeup at the viewing. Some people like to have full makeup added to their loved one and others prefer to make them look more natural. You should decide if you want them to wear makeup at all and how much. Here are some tips that can help you make your decision.

Did They Wear Makeup?

If your loved one wore a lot of makeup while they were living, you may want to have them wear makeup for their funeral as well. A lot of people wear makeup daily and their family and friends are used to seeing them in it. They should look like they always did when you see them at the viewing so adding makeup may be the best way to ensure they have a natural appearance and family and friends can get closure from the service and a chance to view their loves one one last time.

Are There Marks That Need Covered Up?

Sometimes your family member may have marks on them from an accident, medical devices or even scars and bruising that you would prefer not to be seen at the viewing. Even if your loved one didn’t wear a lot of makeup while they were alive and won’t need a full face of it, you can still arrange for these spots and marks to be covered up so your loved one has a natural appearance and looks to be as much like themselves as possible. This will make it easier for everyone to see the body and be able to pay their respects and get their closure over the death.

Rochester NY funeral homes

Did They Have A Preference?

If your loved one was able to make their own funeral plans before they passed away, they may have had a preference and made it clear in the estate plans or funeral plans. be sure to think about what your loved one would have wanted. If they weren’t a fan of makeup then they may not have wanted to wear it at their viewing. If they don’t have a preference, talk to other friends and family members to see if they would like your loved one to wear makeup for the viewing.

If you are planning a funeral at Rochester, NY funeral homes for a loved one who has just passed away and you need some help deciding if you should have makeup put on your loved one, you should keep the above tips and ideas in mind. If you are ready to start making your plans, be sure to reach out to Rochester Cremation. We are happy to help with all your funeral and cremation questions and plans. Give us a call today to learn about all the ways we can help you with your loved one’s funeral services.