Help for Veterans

Rochester Cremation Facility

No One Honors Veterans Like We Do

Our staff is trained and focused on providing caring and compassionate services to our Veteran families.

We apply for Veterans and Social Security benefits, secure the burial flag, arrange military honors and schedule burial in a National Cemetery! All, at no additional cost.

As a Veteran, you deserve the very best.

What We Do...

Verify Benefits Through
County Veteran Service

Request Presidential
Memorial Certificate

Secure Burial Flag and
Arrange Military Honors

Schedule Burial at National
or Private Cemetery

Cash Reimbursements

VA allowances are cash benefits that may be reimbursed to the surviving spouse or family member. Eligible VA allowances apply to the following

  • Service Connected Death: If the Veteran is receiving a service connected disability pension (100%).
  • Non-Service Connected Death: For a Veteran receiving a non-service connected disability pension (less than 100%).
  • Veterans In The Care of a VA Medical Center: If the death happened while the Veteran was hospitalized by the VA or under VA contracted nursing home care.

Reimbursements may be as much as $2000.00

National Cemetery Benefits

All honorably discharged Veterans who have met the VA requirements, their spouse and dependent children are entitled to free burial in a National Cemetery. This benefit can save Veteran’s families thousands of dollar and applies to those choosing burial or cremation.

Peacetime • Wartime • Burial • Cremation

  • FREE Grave Space
  • FREE Opening & Closing
  • FREE Cemetery Marker
  • FREE Grave Liners
  • FREE Perpetual Care

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