Additional Services

  • Price: $275.00
    A memorial service or life celebration service may be the perfect option to share memories of that special loved one. The gathering of family and friends offers a special time for sharing thoughts and memories of the loved one as well as an occasion for comfort and support for each other. These services can be performed at your church, cemetery chapel, a local restaurant, reception center, country club, hotel banquet facility, a family member’s home or even in a park. The possibilities are endless.

  • Price: $275.00
    Many families choose to permanently memorialize their loved one by interring them in a cemetery. The cremains can be safely held in above-ground columbarium niches or in-ground in a family lot. A Graveside Service can be anything from a small, casual gathering of family and close friends, to a larger grouping with a formal schedule of events with clergy present.

    At Rochester Cremation, we feel that saying goodbye offers a time to heal. Our Final Goodbye offers a time for the family to privately say goodbye before their loved one is cremated. A time to hold their hand or just some time to reflect in a private, intimate environment. For those families who wish to be present when the cremation begins we also offer a Final Goodbye at the crematory facility.

  • Price: $95.00
    Some families ask us to deliver the urn or mail it to them to reduce the stresses that they are going through. Many times family members may be out of town or unable to get to our office. We are happy to assist in personally delivering within Monroe County or mailing at request.

Rochester Cremation is a Registered Funeral Firm as required by New York State. In New York State, Funeral Firms are not permitted to own or operate their own crematory; therefore we are required to use third-party crematory operators. For more information, please visit our Cremation Costs page.